Artist: Conveyor
Title: Theme XIII (Edit)
Artwork: Hunter Mack
Digital Release Date: June 17, 2014

"Theme XIII (Edit)" is a cut off of Prime, a long-playing record written and recorded by the band Conveyor. The music on this record was composed and performed alongside two midnight screenings of George Lucas' THX 1138 (1971) in December 2013 at Nitehawk Cinema in Brooklyn, NY. The bulk of the recordings were subsequently captured live on the 3rd of January 2014 at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn, NY.

Other elements of the two December performances such as lighting effects, costumes, and set design are not represented here, and so this record should not be taken as a permutation of either of those two events but as a discrete object in and of itself. Prime comes at an odd time in the lives of those who have participated in its construction and occupies a borderline frustrating amount of space, and yet as a concept it remains inviolable and pure, denoting a way forward which we have no choice but to pursue.


01. Conveyor - Theme XIII (Edit)
02. Conveyor - Theme XIII (E*Rock Remix)


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"(A) frenzied krautrock surge that just keeps getting more and more extraordinarily vivid. As awesome as it would have been to witness this spectacle in person, the music is thrilling in its own right."
- Stereogum

"It's a thrilling listen that builds into a hectic garage-rock assault..."
- The 405

"Eventually, the track bursts into all out war: the gravel is raining down like the hailstorms you hear about on the news that allegedly result in totaled cars and cracked skulls. The bowstrings tighten into a vicious friction and fire in grand, harmonic chorus against the gates of their previous austerity. THX 1138 is an Orwellian tale about the chaos of conformity in a not-so-distant future; “Theme XIII” feels like a piece of Iron Age military equipment being thrown at the screen of the theater in disgust at what humanity might become."
- No Fear Of Pop


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