Artist: Yalls
Title: Shut Down
Artwork: Dan Casey
Digital Release Date: May 6, 2016

A collection of ambient synth instrumentals, mostly performed on a DSI Tetra.


01. Yalls - Strategy Guide
02. Yalls - Backyard Bird
03. Yalls - Memory Space
04. Yalls - Sad Promoter
05. Yalls - Turbine
06. Yalls - Unexpected Morning
07. Yalls - Finnscapes


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"Sequenced entirely on a DSI Tetra synthesizer, the Shut Down EP is Yalls in deep concentration. In an email Yalls shared that the Tetra is not new tool in his arsenal. It was used on previous records, but where those records allowed a plethora of influence on his synth manipulations, the Shut Down EP does not collect from a bank of sounds stored on a hard drive or otherwise. Yalls is limited in his scope and in that limitation he crafts arpeggiated ambient suites that unify the body of work. Still astral and infinite as the tracks feel despite the conditional approach, Yalls’ pop sensibilities still seep into the context. There is the underlying feeling that at any moment a pop song will burst forth from the ambient scape. And yet, even without that catharsis the EP remains a compelling excursion." - IMPOSE