About Gold Robot Records


This record label was conceived in late 2006. The actual birth occurred on or around April of 2007. The name "Gold Robot" was chosen since the two words carry interesting weight: Gold is a precious metal and has served an interesting cultural role in the exploration of unknown frontiers, while robots have always captured the imagination of the human mind; they are "the future", no matter what era it is. The GRR logo was dreamed up by DJG Design. It is both mechanical and organic; it features components of grasping robot hands, turntables, the letters G-R-R.


All orders placed through the PayPal links on this website will be sent out via the United States Postal Service (USPS). Gold Robot Records is not responsible for items lost in the mail. The purchaser will be responsible for any international customs costs incurred by Gold Robot sending your order abroad. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the email address above. Additionally, all financial transactions are carried out online through PayPal. GRR is not responsible for problems on their end.


GENERAL: goldrobotrecords (at) gmail (dot) com
LICENSING/SYNC: chris (at) ghost-town (dot) com
DISTRIBUTION: laura (at) redeyeusa (dot) com


We accept demos by digital submission only. Please include a stream to your music and do not attach files to the email. We listen to everything that is submitted, but cannot guarantee as response due to the volume of submissions.


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