Bomarr - Exchanges Among Systems (Fancy Mike Remix)

The super talented Fancy Mike does his thing with the brilliant Bomarr track off of the Designed Entropy 7". Fancy Mike (b. Mike Kleine) is an American electronic artist/hip-hop producer/beat-maker from the suburbs of the Midwest. He is influenced by filmic soundscapes, French electro, 70s disco music, 80s synth-pop and current-day keygen music. Semi-classically-trained to play the piano, what initially began as an interest in orchestral work and composition gradually developed into a hobby writing video game music for friends and indie developers. Fancy Mike creates futuristic synth-laden beats that often feature minimalist repetitions backed by fancy drum patterns and quirky time signatures.

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"What better way to examine the structure of a song than by breaking it down and rebuilding it via remix? ... The Fancy Mike remix of Bomarr’s Exchanges Among Systems, a reworking that isn’t shy about introducing some low end. Turn up the bass." - So Much Silence

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