Dim Peaks


Dim Peaks is a California-based band led by guitarist/vocalist Niilo Smeds with Russell Higbee (keyboards), Dylan Tidyman-Jones (bass) and Tomas Galvan (drums). Time of Joy was recorded in semi-sporadic sessions over the course of a year by Rob Jackson at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland CA. Overdubs and final mixes were done by Smeds at home, and the results were mastered by Paul Oldham.

Time of Joy evokes a place: trails worn deep by quiet guitars, whispers in the ear at dusk, beers on summer waters, the anticipation of new beginnings, light and heavy moments in an expanse of California sun and unexpected storms. There is a natural ease to the way the songs spill out and flood the room. Listeners be warned: you may see yourself within this album crying happily into your reflection.



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