Ladada / Community Witch - Split 7"

Featuring label mainstay Ladada and newcomer Community Witch, a punchy pair of tracks from each of these Virginia-based groups adorn one of our favorite vinyl traditions - the split 7" record. Check it out RIGHT HERE.


New Yalls!

Themes is a new collection of ambient sounds from Yalls. His last release, Frameshift Mutation, was 100% analog and totally ambient long songs, no melodies, chord changes, or beats with a murky atmosphere. The new album is the exact opposite -- short, clean, melodic tracks made 100% digitally. The songs don't to any genre or tempo; the main theme of the album is brevity and boiling things down to the essentials in both sound and song structure. All the songs are very intentionally instrumental, trying to occupy a sweet spot between art and jingles. Learn more here.


Monster Rally - Adventures on the Floating Island

Announcing the newest release by Monster Rally! Adventures on the Floating Island drops on 9/20/19. The new album scores a journey through a lush, exotic, dangerous, and alluring paradise - the Floating Island. The lounge-influenced collection of songs guides the listener through a instrumental narrative inspired by themes of amnesia, discovery, exploration, and mysticism.

Available as a limited edition 12" in two different colorways. The Deep Lilac edition is a run of 750 while the Mango Punch Pinwheel is a run of 250. You can also pre-order the vinyl record alongside a special t-shirt as a special bundle!


Mira Cook

Excited to announce the forthcoming release of Mira Cook's album, titled A Level Lower. The record drops April 26, 2019 - but you can listen to the lead single "She Wolf", along with a video, right now! Click here for more details.


Introducing Shah Marg

Originally crafted as an anonymous concept project, Shah Marg was later revealed to be the work of Monster Rally (Ted Feighan) who describes the music as "blown out funk", taking inspiration from early 70s rock, psychedelia, and the sounds of India and the Middle East. Originally released in 2012, the Desert EP was recorded shortly after a trip through India and is inspired by the chaos, beauty and street noise of its cities and rural areas. The 7" version, featuring the first 4 tracks of the EP, is limited to 300 individually numbered copies and comes in a stamped, die-cut jacket. A new digital only bonus track was added during the vinyl mastering process. Listen/Order here.


Monster Rally Tapes

We're making a very limited number of tapes for each of Monster Rally's six full-length albums. Available for pre-order now, will ship by 1/26/18. $10 each or all six for $50. Order here.


Finally, a GRR hat.

It's been a long time coming, but we finally made a Gold Robot hat. It's a black snapback made from nylon, grandpa structured, with gold embroidery. Edition of 40 and available HERE.


Behold the new album by Fronds

Cold Across My Skin, the second album by FRONDS, was recorded in solitude at home by Dylan Tidyman-Jones in the late fall of 2015. The record features arrangements that are relatively spare and stripped down, compared to the architectural maximalism of the debut album - though the echo-laden, toy keyboard-sampled voice continues to be a frequent presence, and passages of density persist.

The lead single, "Pacific", premiered today on Gold Flake Paint. Give it a listen:

The album drops on 7/28, pre-order the limited edition 12" on white vinyl HERE.


MR&RT Re-issued!

Originally released in 2011, the first collaboration between producers Monster Rally (Los Angeles) and RUMTUM (Denver) was only available digitally and on a limited run of cassettes. This expanded and remastered edition, including three new tracks from the original sessions, is finally available on vinyl.

Pre-order here!


New Website!

Back in 2007, the first incarnation of our website was just a few simple HTML pages. As the label grew, we started using indexhibit as the backbone for the website, as it's a simple/intuitive way to manage portfolio-type projects. 10 years and 50 record later, it was increasingly apparent that needed a facelift. We reached out to Jeffery Vaska, the developer of indexhibit (and a fan of GRR), to help bring the label's main archival page up to a reputable standard. The hope is that it's still intuitive to navigate, and the work of the artists remains at the forefront. (Plus, it works on mobile!) Thanks to everyone who has supported the label, our artists, and independent music - here's to another 10 years.


Niilo Smeds releases new solo album

Our first release of 2017 comes from Niilo Smeds, who hails from Portland and is part of Dim Peaks (whose Time of Joy album is part of the GRR family). Once You Were A Baby drops on March 24th. The record is anchored by Niilo’s fingerstyle guitar, tape-echoed vocals and evocative lyrics. The songs were mostly self-recorded with a minimal setup at home in Portland, Ore., where he moved in 2014 after spending time in Fresno, San Francisco and Oakland. Greer McGettrick composed and recorded cello arrangements and Russell Higbee played Prelude synthesizer and YC-20 organ. Niilo played guitars, bass, Alpha Juno and MPC2000XL. Niilo mixed the record at home and Timothy Stollenwerk mastered it at Stereophonic in Portland.

Head here for more information.