Mira Cook


Mira Cook is a singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist living in Brooklyn. Originally from Cedar Creek, TX, Mira's early contact with music came from Eastern chanting groups she attended with her parents and her studies in classical piano. Mira lived in an ashram in India for her kindergarten years and grew up studying ballet and classical piano in Austin. She spent 8 years in California dancing professionally and developing her musical style and she continues to perform dance and music frequently in New York. She has released 5 albums to date, with 2022's "Lashes to Lashes" being the follow-up to 2019's "A Level Lower", also on Gold Robot Records.

"Every once in a while an artist who is totally unique yet immediately relatable and instantly engaging comes along and wins you over; the sort of artist whose soothing, seductive sound, with soulful melodies & heartfelt harmonizing, creeps up on you and pulls you in from the first few bars. Mira Cook is this kind of artist."
- Amoeba Records

"Some songs bring to mind a magical meeting of the minds between Broadcast and Lali Puna, while some moments sound like a dizzying mix of a Gamelan orchestra and Molly Nilsson, twirling together in musical ecstasy. Evocative and alluring, purposeful and playful."
- Aquarius Records



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Mira Cook

Lashes to Lashes


Monster Rally

Menagerie Single


Mira Cook

A Level Lower


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Mira Cook

When I Lay Down


Mira Cook

She Wolf


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