Bay Area native Noah Blumberg first took on the Quarterbar moniker at UC Santa Barbara as the beatmaker for underground rap group mic.edu, The band recorded an album’s worth of songs (reissued in 2019) before disbanding. Blumberg, along with band mate Eric Steuer, moved to Oakland, and the two formed the electronic/rap/pop band Meanest Man Contest. Around the same time, Blumberg began playing guitar in indie rock band The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up. JYPU did several national tours and released 3 LPs before disbanding in 2006. Meanest Man Contest produced a handful of releases, culminating in 2013's Everything Worth Mentioning LP. In recent years, Blumberg has continued as singer/guitarist in bands Magic Me and East Brother Light Station. Quarterbar put out his first solo record, a collection of beat collages called Cloistered Realms, in 2014. His latest is 2009, a rap-influenced pop record

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Buddy Peace & Eric Steuer

L.A. Looks


A Thousand Vows

So Old (feat. Dos Feeliz)


Not the 1s

Everybody's Rappin


Meanest Man Contest

Everything Worth Mentioning


Not The 1s

Why You Cryin?


Various Artists

Designed Entropy I


Meanest Man Contest

We Blame You


Meanest Man Contest

Throwing Away Broken Electronics


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Meanest Man Contest

Throwing Away Broken Electronics


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