ATRIA - Juliet

Run: 100 (Gatefold Black Vinyl 12")
Design/Layout: Ricky Kendall
Physical Release Date: October 13, 2023
Digital Release Date: October 13, 2023
Price: contact the artist

Juliet was born many years ago in a used bookstore in Gainesville, Florida, when critically acclaimed musician/author Travis Atria found a box of sixteen miniature, leather-bound volumes of Shakespeare. Inside each book was an inscription from Ralph to Evelyn, along with the month the book was bought, and the year 1914. Late one night, taking a volume from the shelf, Atria decided to write a concept album of their love story.

In a career known for wild, gleeful shifts in genre and style, Juliet is Atria's wildest shift yet. Gone is the psychedelic rock 'n' soul of 2021's Moonbrain, which one reviewer called "Zappa meets Mayfield." In its place is an intricate work of orchestral pop, sometimes restrained, sometimes bombastic, with Shakespeare as a unifying theme. Nearly fifty musicians participated in the recording, including a makeshift orchestra and an 18-piece choir. Partly recorded and fully mixed by Ryan Williams at West Viking Studio in Ocala, Florida---home of the late, great Bruce Swedien---Juliet is the final album to come from Swedien's legendary pedigree, which stretches from Duke Ellington and Sarah Vaughn, to Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson.


01. ATRIA - Romeo
02. ATRIA - Only One
03. ATRIA - Desdemona
04. ATRIA - Cherry (I've Been Dreaming)
05. ATRIA - Ain't It a Beautiful World?
06. ATRIA - Pearl Harbor
07. ATRIA - I've Been Dreaming (Cherry)
08. ATRIA - October
09. ATRIA - I'm on Fire
10. ATRIA - One More Time
11. ATRIA - The Letter (Interlude)
12. ATRIA - My Way


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