Monster Rally - Beyond the Sea

Format: 12" Vinyl
1st Run: 500 (Lava Red) [gatefold]
2nd Run: 750 (Floating Lava)
Design: Ted Feighan
Release Date: June 19, 2012
Price: $19.99


Note: The long-awaited second pressing of Monster Rally's Beyond the Sea will be released on February 26, 2021.

Beyond the Sea is the second full length album from Monster Rally. The records sampled to create this album were dug from cities across the country and have been thrown through the lens of Monster Rally's lo-fi production. The resulting album builds upon the skeleton of 2011's Coral, adding muscle and structure in interesting places, to create a 42 minute song-cycle and continue Monster Rally's exploration of sonic collage.

The vinyl edition comes pressed on lava red vinyl in a single gatefold jacket, all artwork is created by Ted Feighan (Monster Rally). A limited edition signed art booklet was included in the first 100 pre-orders.


01. Monster Rally - Lava Flows
02. Monster Rally - Black
03. Monster Rally - Honey
04. Monster Rally - Waltz
05. Monster Rally - Blame
06. Monster Rally - Snoozer
07. Monster Rally - Animals
08. Monster Rally - Equinox
09. Monster Rally - Veranda
10. Monster Rally - Intermission
11. Monster Rally - Jaguar
12. Monster Rally - Forager
13. Monster Rally - Jungle Nights
14. Monster Rally - Deep Sea
15. Monster Rally - Venice
16. Monster Rally - Ghosts
17. Monster Rally - Gold
18. Monster Rally - Beyond the Sea



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“(T)he perfect soundscape sabbatical from the real world– a lush, chill and beautiful holiday in your ears."
- Weekly Tape Deck

"The samples within Monster Rally’s sound are so meticulously placed, it makes one wonder how massive and eclectic Ted Feighan’s record collection is. Judging by Feighan’s impressive work as the sample-friendly Monster Rally, the collection probably takes up several rooms. His dreamy, ethereal, and usually tropical soundscapes take you somewhere distant and calm, or at least make you wish they really could, using a variety of samples and apt production choices."
- Obscure Sound

"Monster Rally's new single "Jaguar" starts with what seems to be a sample from the most mellow tropical island cover of "When the Saints Go Marching In", but it quickly moves away from the fluted semi-urgency into rattling strums and watery thrums. The accompanying video, shot in the Virgin Islands, depicts a letterboxed paradise; a pretty woman, a strong but docile puppy, and a perfect beach. Such is the referentialism of Monster Rally, who continue to wrestle samples from LPs found far and wide to create assemblages of their utopia."

"Listening to the albums, there is rarely a clear break between the songs, and within the songs themselves there are often sharper changes than between individual tracks, so the whole album kind of blends into one in that respect. Not to imply that it’s a homogenous sludge of course, because that is a long way from being the case. In fact, Monster Rally make music with all sorts of weird, impish changes in direction, creating an idiosyncratic sound which goes from lush nostalgia to darting, elusive cuts in and out of strange and wonderful musical worlds – manipulating their samples gently or mischievously to keep the listener engaged."
- Song By Toad

"Beyond The Sea is the new full-length record, his second in three years, offering another wild collection of chopped ‘n screwed summer jams. I’ve been listening to the record all day — and while it’s not for everyone, it’s certainly perfect for a lazy, record-spinning, chaise-lounging, dog-dangling afternoon."
- I Guess I'm Floating

"Really, Ted Feighan’s music is far better consumed in album format. It simply doesn’t do the work justice to hear one song at a time. I listen to 2011’s Crystal Ball record in entirety all the time at home - it’s one of my favorite chillout albums on vinyl. His style is so inventive and fresh, its influences ranging from 50’s TV theme songs to 70’s krautrock."

"Beyond the Sea continues his explorations in looping sun filled tropical sounds that overlay creative relaxed percussive grooves reminiscent of the late Juan García Esquivel. That light drifting lounge sound is paired up with a strumming guitar and a slightly Hip-Hop cymbal, snare, and bass drum beat that is perfect for any summer party at the beach or next to your own backyard pool."
- Good Pop Bad Pop

"There are plenty of infectious loops and breakbeats for the whole family to enjoy. If you and your friends like to freestyle rap in your free time, the beats here bump at the perfect pace for just about any cadence. Or if you simply want to immerse yourself in an album with plenty of surprises, than here it is."
- No Requests Taken

"The album is a swift dialogue between the comparative loop and the free-flowing dynamics of the composition, it is a anthropomorphic engine propelled by patterned framing with interstitial moments of change."
- Dingus on Music

"You’ve seen a movie with a dream sequence right? You know that moment as the main character falls into blissful sleep, everything gets gradually darker. Once the Hollywood blue light of night flips off you just see her in just a long simple night gown free falling as star trails dance around her body, she gracefully sits up masterfully landing on a magic carpet to take her over the landscape that looks like Ted’s collages."
- Head Underwater

"The second album by Monster Rally, “Beyond The Sea” is pure sample bliss over bouncy beats, pure psychedelic instrumental exotica-hop awesomeness, rightfully coming in lava red vinyl and with a bunch of song titles that are just as clean-cut as the tracks (e.g. “Honey”, “Waltz”, “Animals”, “Veranda” etc.). It’s weird, but I have to say it’s both refreshing and sexy to hear some simple, good old sample beat constructions like this, so here’s to Ted Feighan – thanks for reminding us with that wicked retro brew of yours."
- Lodown Magazine

"Through the album’s repetitive sounds, which act as particular moments of heightened sensual intensities, it seeks to lure its listeners to an undiscovered country that exists in our memories and in our skin. Sure, the individual songs are structurally uniform, but this uniformity illustrates the structural similarity of how things come into and out of existence."
- Tiny Mix Tapes

"This latest release shows an artist who is maturing and developing. An artist who is finding their own voice…even if no voices are actually present. Even though I adore ‘Coral’, Beyond The Sea is a far better album, I think I double adore it. On ‘Coral’ Monster Rally demonstrated an awareness of the hook and the sample that is lacking from most similar artists. With ‘Beyond The Sea’ he shows us that not only can he find little audio gems to turn into beat fragments but that he can now take those beat fragments and craft fully fledged and considered pieces of music. You only need to listen to the third track, ‘Honey’, for an instant understanding. ‘Honey’ bares all of the hallmark Monster Rally touches but it’s so much more than the sum of it’s parts. This is coherent beat making that some very famous (and obnoxiously wealthy) hip hop producers could only dream of."
- Geek & Spell

"There most recent LP, “Beyond the Sea” is a demonstration of Monster Rally’s fine ability to snip, place, and compliment an array of samples perfectly into the well-executed and precise body of the sound/song. Jamz like Snoozer and Honey show his fine-tuned understanding of sonic perfection. the crescendo awesomeness of Monster Rally is a full-bodied and heavily layered sequence of awesome. Bells or keys streak across your ears softly with the compliments of drones and very subtle bass driving into the drums. Your ears are prepared for every subtle adjustment. Basically, Monster Rally is amazing and the below tracks are the demonstration of that."
- Fiore Jam Of The Day

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Average Guy (Blame)


Monster Rally



Monster Rally & RUMTUM



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Monster Rally

Deep Sea


Monster Rally



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In The Valleys


Monster Rally & Jay Stone



Monster Rally



Monster Rally

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Monster Rally



Monster Rally



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