Glenn Davis - Waves & Webs

Format: 12" Vinyl
Run: 500 (Translucent Beer Vinyl)
Design: Glenn Davis
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Price: $17.99


Waves & Webs is the first full-length solo release by Glenn Davis since co-founding the Columbus band, Way Yes. The album exposes a simpler and softer side, dealing with loss and the complexity of relationships. Vulnerable in content, the arrangements are simple & forthright with a sound that intelligently transforms from Folk into RnB while weaving a pop sensibility throughout each track. The songs on Waves & Webs were written after Davis's marriage began to unravel in 2013. Describing it as a period when he felt powerless to change anything, he turned to his version of comfort music: Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Joan Armatrading, Van Morrison, and Arthur Russell. The resultant songs were equally inspired by his own relationship discord and the music that was helping him heal. The album was self-recorded in basements, bedrooms, and attics throughout Columbus over the following months with contributions from Counterfeit Madison and mastered by Jon Fintel at Relay Recording.


01. Glenn Davis - Off The Line
02. Glenn Davis - Super Tough
03. Glenn Davis - Be Honest
04. Glenn Davis - Come Back
05. Glenn Davis - Smile & Cruise
06. Glenn Davis - Tipping Point
07. Glenn Davis - Say Something
08. Glenn Davis - Speed It Up
09. Glenn Davis - Run Your Course
10. Glenn Davis - How They Used To Be
11. Glenn Davis - Every Song
12. Glenn Davis - If There Really Is A God



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"Quite simply, Waves & Webs is an incredibly satisfying record, even when its pleasures are unexpected, disquieting. It’s gloriously weird, weirdly glorious." - Consequence of Sound

"You may not hear a more emotionally honest record this year." - Columbus Alive

"“Off The Line,” the first single from the album, demonstrates the painful place Davis has been in, but the song is not mired in sorrow. Rather, it’s a story about the challenge of forgiving and the value in doing so. “Off The Line” is gentle, somber, and simply arranged, with the lull of an acoustic guitar leading the way. But its lyrics, conveyed soulfully via Davis’ distinctive delivery, allow for an honest illustration of what he has learned about relationships. A sense of maturity lingers in Davis’ voice that can hopefully inspire in the listener a sense of healing in the listener, too." - Stereogum

"“Be Honest” is both a last, gasping attempt to mend the unmendable and a rousing celebration of music’s power to heal. As such, it’s a perfect encapsulation of Davis’ new record Waves & Webs, which blends folk, pop, and R&B in an effort to arrive at something close to human truth." - Consequence of Sound

"Davis’ vocal is a beautiful croon, a sepia-tinged protagonist that drifts in the ever-faithful arm of the instrumentation that takes its props from yesteryear and twists it in to something decidedly forthright." - Gold Flake Paint

"Davis’s endearing melodic sense and idiosyncratic indie-pop songcraft inject enough individuality to outweigh its cliche topic." - Toronto Sun


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