Man/Miracle - Pushing and Shoving

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Physical Street Date: Fall 2008
Digital Release Date: January 13, 2009

This single was originally self-released as a 7" record. It featured hand-screen cloth covers and was pressed on white vinyl (now sold out).


01. Man/Miracle - Pushing and Shoving
02. Man/Miracle - You've Got a Hold on Me


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"With a raucous intro that could be mistaken for a high school pre-game hype up (in a dream world where kids have spare tambourines, yes), Bay-area based Man/Miracle's "Pushing and Shoving" is a bouncy venture into Spencer Krugonics." - Pitchfork

"On their self-titled EP, the band demonstrates a unique sensibility, evoking memories of classic indie-pop bands like The Smiths while still sounding fresh and always danceworthy. That latter trait likely helps in what we've heard are some excellent live shows." - The Bay Bridged

"...[T]hese boys were quite the energetic bunch- screaming and pounding away on their instruments, we reached the conclusion that they were a cross between the band James and the Strokes, if both combined to make a band you'd want to listen to. And we did!..." - Paying My Own Way

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