Meant Man Contest - They Do (Remix Contest)

Late in 2007, Gold Robot Records and Meanest Man Contest put on a remix contest in support of the Throwing Away Broken Electronics 7". The contest garnered attention from all over the world, and produced tons of excellent submissions. Here's the a cappela version of "They Do", provided free for remixing purposes.


Meanest Man Contest - They Do (A Capella)
(featuring female vocals by Kaia Wong of Mixel Pixel)
(Buy the fantastic vinyl version here. It sounds glorious)

This song is offered under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. This means that you are free to use it, share it, sample from it, remix it, etc., as long as you only do so for noncommercial purposes, and as long as you properly attribute Meanest Man Contest and Gold Robot Records when you use or distribute it.


The selected track, by Multi-Panel, can be found on We Blame You, a digital-only EP by Meanest Man Contest.

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