Monster Rally - Orchids

Artist: Monster Rally
Track: Orchids
Directors: Kaya Purohit & Albert Cook
Dancers: Monica Maluste, Rakhi Varma, Avni Vachhani, Manali Mehta, & Swati Sikaria
Special Thanks: Nirav Mehta, Shan Shahabadi, Dhru Purohit, Ankur Poseria, Hunter Mack, & Farrell Feighan


"If Martin Denny and Madlib had a fully grown musical lovechild, that harmonious little stitch-job would no doubt sound like Monster Rally. Cleveland-via-Los Angeles producer Ted Feighan makes blossoming instrumental hip-hop that owes just as much to the annals of exotica and Tropicália. To wit: a song like "Orchids," the opening track from his recently released Return to Paradise. The lush ditty rolls in on a flurry of guitar notes and static pops before hand-hit drums give way to finger-punched sampler pads. Monster Rally's technique can be witnessed in the clip above, as his workman-like approach to crafting such beautiful beats turns a mundane office space into a place of strange magic." - SPIN Magazine

"For anyone still blissed out on "Orchids," Monster Rally's transporting tropicalia track off the Return to Paradise LP, today's release of the accompanying video will come as a welcome Monday daydream-inducer—there's a reason why mastermind Ted Feighan made it onto our Best of October list this year. The video, shot in a sunny LA studio apartment, features a classical Indian dance rehearsal, with Feighan on his sampler as the centerpiece, somewhat out-of-place but nonetheless having a great time. The sounds he's sewn together could have all-too-easily lent themselves to trippy and annoying visuals that try too hard, but the actual result is a happy reminder of Feighan's down-to-earth sensibilities as an Exotica beatsmith." - IMPOSE Magazine

"The Bollywood world and the beatmaking scene often collides (ask Madlib about it !) and the last video from the LA beatmaker Monster Rally really captures the best of both worlds." - Life is a Banana

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