Conveyor - Sun Ray

Physical Street Date: September 6, 2011
Digital Release Date: June 12, 2012
Art: JT Fridsma

The debut release of Brooklyn's Conveyor circa Spring 2011 combines the swaying of the human hammock with a machine invented by four dudes that absorbs and interpolates frequencies of light within the visible spectrum emitted by our Sun, transposing and arranging and developing solar songs. The results are four tunes that channel the inchoate form of a subtly breathing adenoidal growth; a hum that rattles and rolls over into a buzz of infant activity; a morning yawn.

Purchase the limited edition 12" on orange vinyl through the band. The records are hand-numbered and come with a download of the album.


01. Conveyor - Foreword
02. Conveyor - Sun Ray
03. Conveyor - Yes, Some Things Are So Heavy
04. Conveyor - Milkman


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"Overall though, this is the perfect EP - no song goes on for too long, or ends too quickly, it debuts a band that talent-wise, is ready for the spotlight, and is hopefully, an accurate sampling of the quality of an upcoming LP."
- In Your Speakers

"Conveyor is a band from Brooklyn that is appealing to me because I could easily see them being interesting with no synthesizers at all. But the barely-there electronic elements add another dimension to their music that helps to mix up songs featuring an acoustic guitar that gives all four of their songs on the EP Sun Ray a Midwestern feel for a NY band. Though I can’t say it completely reminds me of Caribou musically, it makes me recall the feel of the album Swim by Caribou that I spent a lot of time with in spring of last year."
- Potholes In My Blog

"This four track EP, which incidentally is available on the most gorgeous orange vinyl, combines danceability, wistful yearning and playful yet emotional lyrics. They’re not quite dreampop but certainly have something of the shoegaze about them, provided that as you gazed your shoes were tapping and grooving along."
- Alphabet Bands (Top EPs of The Year)

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