Artist: Björn Kleinhenz
Title: Head Held High on Fearsome Pride

Physical Label: self-released
Cover Design: Rotopol Press
Physical Street Date: Fall 2009
Digital Release Date: March 30, 2010


In early February 2009, Björn moved to the island of Fårö on the east coast of Sweden together with his girlfriend Yrsa and their rabbit Humle. They rent a house there by the ocean and the idea was to "be creative". Björn had already finished most of the recordings for his upcoming album B.U.R.M.A., but he decided that wasn't enough. He started writing songs at a high speed and decided to make an mp3-album out of it. HHHOFP is a solo experience of what happened in a small room facing east during a few weeks in march and april this year. The title is borrowed from a line in a Sonya Hartnett book.


01. Right On Time
02. Poison Eyes
03. Thousand Cranes
04. Whipping Wind
05. Alptraum Samba
06. Boychild
07. I Hate It When You Go
08. Bright Stark And Grey
09. Show Me Love
10. The Year Of The Adder
11. Them There Eyes
12. Hard Times
13. Chinatown


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