Yalls - Fantasy

Format: 7" Opaque Bone Vinyl
Run: 500
Design: Hunter Mack & Dan Casey
Release Date: February 21, 2012
Price: $5.00


This 3-song EP showcases the work of Dan Casey (Yalls), a Bay Area based artist and composer. His work has been described as “zonked-out beat-folk” (Altered Zones) and a "short journey into basement space funk" (Think or Smile).


01. Yalls - Settle Down
02. Yalls - Real Fantasy
03. Yalls - Gave Away & Broke
04. Yalls - Settle Down (Monster Rally Remix) [digital only]
05. Yalls - Settle Down (Naytronix Remix) [digital only]
06. Yalls - Gave Away & Broke (Elephant & Castle Remix) [digital only]



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"Oakland’s funky jam master.... Check out “Settle Down” - the A-side to his upcoming 7” Fantasy. It’s one of three killer new songs to appear on his debut vinyl release"
- Ears Of The Beholder

"Today we have the sunshine pop classic of 'Settle Down', which is the opening track from his forthcoming Fantasy 7". Basically we love this dude. He's yet to put a foot wrong in our opinion, and 'Settle Down' might be one of his best tracks so far."
- The 405

"Like other Yalls songs, seems to bend music genres into new and interesting places. This track combine the best of gospel, electro, funk and sunshine pop into the gem that it is."
- Keep Your Face Radical

"This is one of the best tracks of the year so far. Dude simply knows how to create. “Settle Down” will move you to do anything but what the title suggests. It’s a cosmic freakout-party inside a supernova."
- Their Bated Breath

"With squibbles and squeaks, and a xylophone effect that makes you feel all giddy and childlike inside, as if you could skip down the street holding hands with your first love…Kinda like a fantasy come true, a real fantasy. This is one of those feel good tracks, much more on the mellow side in comparison to other Yalls songs we’ve heard thus far....It’s like a Pee Wee Herman inspired love ballad for cool nerds everywhere. I can’t get enough."
- Gluttony Is The New Black

"We’ve been spinning Yalls’ new Fantasy 7” and “Real Fantasy” reigns in as one of our favorites off of the release. There’s no need for comparison here, Dan Casey has established a sound idiosyncratic to his touch which has been showcased many times before and this track speaks for itself. Loops of quirky squibbles and sparkling elements are peppered onto a beautiful melody led by chords coming from what sounds like an old electronic piano, giving way to a highly addictive feel-good song that induces you to recall tales of a great love"
- Hearing Gold

"Oakland’s Yalls releases three tracker ‘Fantasy’ EP. It includes this neatly wonked out R’n'B gem, almost resembling early Hot Chip."
- Proper Songs

"One of those incredibly dense, painstakingly crafted electronic pop soups which can only ever be just a taste of this enormous meal Yalls is ultimately after."
- 7inches

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